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Core philosophy: Let the diligent people have the opportunity, the capable people have the stage and the people making a difference have deserved treatment. Real talents will be recommended and used.


The first principle is integrity of ability and morality. Selection and use of talents shall be in accordance with the requirement of full measure and integrity of ability and morality and insists that moral people without talents are mediocre and talents without virtue are villains, so neither moral nor talent can be neglected.


The second principle is "Theory of Effects". In terms of talents, we do not pay attention to qualifications but ability; regardless of diploma level, capacity, qualifications and age, any people doing better than others with outstanding performance shall be entrusted responsibility boldly by the Company. At present, the Company's technical staff and middle managers have an average age of about 35 years and the average age of the workshop directors is around 30 years old. Although these people are not very old and some people’s academic degree is not very high, but they are capable and energetic with good performance. The employment mechanism of "theory of effects" we adhere to makes a large number of people with both ability and morality stand out and develop into pillars of enterprise development.


The third principle is practice first. "A valuable jade must be burnt for three days to be judged and a talent can be identified after a seven-year period." Over the years, all kinds of professionals working in our group will be first arranged to the workshop’s production line for additional training to improve in practice and then be selected through public examinations.


The fourth principle is survival of the fittest. In the selection of talent, we realize the transition from "Horse Selection by Bole" to "Horse Selection in the Racing Stadium"; those who have done the best will be used as a talent; otherwise, they can only be eliminated.


The fifth principle is "Everyone Is a Talent". In terms of talents use, we will eliminate modes and mystification and use talents according to their ability. As long as one can play the greatest degree of intelligence the right positions, they are talents in a true sense. We follow the principle and arrange each employee according to the level of expertise, experience and character to appropriate positions, so that their talents are best used with most matched positions to promote the enterprise’s sustained, rapid and efficient development.


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