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Data: 2016-07-13
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1. When the alarm is running, the panel displays E1 (meaning the concentration is not insufficient).

Way of troubleshooting:

(a) The alarm time is set too short, so there isn’t enough time to add detergent and make it reach the required concentration. Reset the alarm time.

(b) Check whether the detergent in the feeding bucket has been used up or not; if yes, a new bucket shall be replaced.

(c) Check whether the suction part of detergent pump pipe is under the liquid level of the bucket or not.

(d) Check whether the probe is clean or not and the wiring is connected well or not.

(e) Check whether the peristaltic rubber pipe has used for a certain period and has to be replaced or not, and the plastic pipe for connection is leaked or not.

2. When the alarm is running, the panel displays E2.

The probe is short-circuiting. Check whether the probe is jammed by metal articles or other foreign matters or not, and the wiring is on state or not.

3. The detergent pump and dryer pump don’t operate.

(a) Under the normal power, if the manual button on the panel is pressed, it can be distinguished that peristaltic pump or control part doesn’t work.

(b) If the control part doesn’t work, check whether the setup is correct or not, the power of triggering signal is in place or not, the connection between the triggering signal and dishwasher is correct or not, and the fuse is in good condition or not.

(c) If the peristaltic pump doesn’t work, and if the motor is running but the output shaft of gear box doesn’t run, then the gear box is broken down; if DC voltage is available but the motor doesn’t run, then the motor is broken or it is jammed by some foreign matters.

4. The external power is normal, but the panel doesn’t display anything.

(a) Check whether the switch of power has been turned on or not.

(b) Check whether the fuse is in good condition or not.

(c) Check whether all joint pins are in good connection or not and become loose or come off.

(d) Check the working condition of transformer, and whether the primary voltage and secondary voltage are correct or not.

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