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Installation of Dispenser
Data: 2016-07-13
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When installing the dispenser, the valves of power, water supply and steam shall be turned off for the safety.)

 1. Fixing of Machine Body

The machine body shall be fixed on a shelf or a vertical wall to keep the machine body far from the vent of the dishwasher and above the steam pipelines; otherwise, it will cause the equipment superheated, which will affect the operation. The pre-opened holes on the backshell of the body are used to install the body on the wall by the screws. When installing, seal gaskets shall be added.

 2. Installation of Detergent Injector

The injector shall be installed above the liquid level of water tank, a hole with diameter of 22.0mm is opened at the suitable place of cleaning tank arm (far from the electric apparatus and computer motherboard) to install the injector as the entrance of detergent. When the injector is fixed, rubber gaskets shall be added both inside and outside of the arm.

 3. Installation of Dryer Check Valve

When the check valve is installed on the water conveyance pipe or heating mantle of the dishwasher, the raw material belt (PTFE) shall be used for the joint of pipes so as to enhance the tightness of the pipe joints. In general, there is a pre-opened interface on the dishwasher (the check valve shall be installed far from the electric apparatus and computer motherboard); if not, under the circumstance that the wall of the pipe is thick enough, a hole of 11/32 (8.7MM) can be opened or it is substituted by a T joint.

 4. Connection of Delivery Pipe

A white delivery pipe of ф6mm is inserted into the end of the black peristaltic rubber pipe of washing pump (drying pump) and fastened by lace. Then the delivery pipe is cut into suitable length reaching the feeding bucket or detergent injector (dryer check valve). The end of feeding delivery pipe shall go through the special suction pipe and shall be fastened by the nut and put into the feeding bucket. One end of the black peristaltic rubber pipe with lace to prevent from being pulled is connected to the feeding bucket, and the other end is connected to the detergent injector or dryer check valve.

5. Installation of Probe

When the mode of probe-controlled material feeding is selected for the dispenser, a probe shall be installed. It shall be installed under the liquid level of the water tank, and a hole of with diameter of 22.0mm shall be opened on the tank arm of the dishwasher close to the bottom of the water tank as much as possible to fasten the probe with rubber gaskets added both inside and outside of the arm. The probe shall be kept at a distance from the heat source, entrance of detergent, drain pipe, inlet pipe and so on.

6. Circuit Wiring

(1)The working voltages of the transformer of dispenser (under normal power supply) may be 220V, 180V and 110V. If the voltage of 24V is available, the power of transformer is unnecessary, and the power of transformer has separate fuse and power switch. Before connecting the main power, the output voltage of the dishwasher shall be checked, so as to prevent the transformer and the circuit board from burning.

(2) Generally, a power signal interface for detergent and dryer is provided in the electric cabinet of the dishwasher for the convenience of connecting to the joint pin of triggering signal of the dispenser with the voltage range from 24V to 230V.

(3). If there isn’t any power signal interface for detergent and dryer provided in the washing machine, the triggering power signal of detergent (DET) may be connected to the power of body contactor, and the triggering power signal of dryer (RINSE) may be connected to the power of overflow contactor.

(4) When the dispenser is running in the mode of fixed time (instead of the mode of probe), the operation of two pumps may be controlled by dryer triggering power signal (RINSE).

(5) When the mode of probe is selected for the dispenser for feeding, the probe shall be connected to the place of PROBE on the motherboard of dispenser by sheathed wire. DET and SIG shall be connected to washing signal wire of the dishwasher to control the washing motor pump, and RINSE and SIG shall be connected to rinsing signal wire of the dishwasher so as to control drying motor.

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