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Disite dual-pump liquid dispenser is a convenient and handy device to correctly inject chemical agents, such as detergent and dryer, into the commercial dishwasher as required, applicable to commercial dishwasher of various brands and models. The dispensers in this series employ microcomputer control and may fulfill control feeding by dual modes of probe and fixed time and the automatic shifting from the probe mode to the fixed time mode, which may meet your different demands of injecting ways. There is initial feeding button by manual on the dispenser panel, which is easy to install and under...
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When installing the dispenser, the valves of power, water supply and steam shall be turned off for the safety.) 1. Fixing of Machine BodyThe machine body shall be fixed on a shelf or a vertical wall to keep the machine body far from the vent of the dishwasher and above the steam pipelines; otherwise, it will cause the equipment superheated, which will affect the operation. The pre-opened holes on the backshell of the body are used to install the body on the wall by the screws. When installing, seal gaskets shall be added. 2. Installation of Detergent InjectorThe injector shall be ins...
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Press ENTER key for a while\ display “enter password” (500) (The initial password of DT01 is 50, and that of DT03 is 500)Then press ENTER key again \ display mode: time mode (P0) and probe mode (P1) Select the mode you need and press ENTER key to enter (the probe mode shall be operated when the probe is installed and connected inside the dishwasher) Probe Mode (P1)No.FunctionValue ScopeRemarksA1Running Speed of Washing Pump30-100PROBE terminal on the motherboard shall be connected when this function is selectedA2Concentration of Agents0-100DET terminal on the motherboard shall be connecte...
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Product Safety IndexesModelRated VoltageRated FrequencyNet WeightL*D*H (mm)DT01220V50HZ2740千克kg182mm*142mm*125mmDT03220V50HZ2390千克kg280mm*152mm*114mm
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1. The lubricant (silicon grease is suggested) shall be filled periodically to lubricate the blackperistaltic rubber pipe.2. The blackperistaltic rubber pipe shall be replaced periodically.3. The probe shall be cleaned periodically to prevent the probe from being incrusted and affecting the sensibility.
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